2012年8月24日 星期五

[News Highlight] Coffeeholic

Just choose a health news for Max's Eng. highlight report this week.
Talking about the advantage & disadvantage of coffee.
Topic from CNN: Coffee good for you, but it's OK to hold back

------------------------------[My reflection] -----------------------------------------

Are you a coffeeholic? I am. 

Since work, I start to drink 1 to 2 cup of coffee per day.

Latte or dark roast latte is more often.

I worried that too much caffeine will reduce my bone density... LOL

Luckily, our company has annual health check, simple bone density test included.

In the first, nurse put some cream on your ankle before test, then you got a number after the machine touched ankle.

If less than -1, it means you have the higher risk of reducing bone density. 

My number was -1.4 last year, and increase to 0.7 this year !! 

Isn't it gr8?! 

Doing exercise in the gym almost every day helps a lot, I guess! :)))

Oh, and I forced myself to choose fish and green vegetable in plates.

Anyway, the result tell that I still can have my coffee at work. Yeah!!