2011年12月27日 星期二

[Postcrossing] WHERE'S WALDO?

Do you know  "WHERE'S WALDO" ?

It is a funny game: You must try to find WALDO first in the image of crowds.

And every pictures has its own list of objects!

It's so cool that I got two "WHERE'S WALDO" postcards in one week  :D  

The first one is from a tattoo artist living in Colorado, 

And the second one is a Toronto girl sending me the postcard when she went to the Xmas shopping in the mall.

Hey, after looking forward WALDO, could you find these as well? 
And how much time did you spend on the project?  :)))

1.Four robots
2.Four six-armed aliens 
3.An alien with his hands in his pockets

1.A false shark fin
2.A bottle in a message 
3.Fifteen fishing rods